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    Technology Networks is a global online scientific publication that covers the latest research, industry news, and technologies. Our 12 online communities provide focused coverage of analytical chemistry, life sciences, drug discovery, and neuroscience – enabling researchers to easily find reliable, digestible, and high-quality content on the science that matters to them.

    Through our communities, targeted newsletters, online events, and social media we reach and engage with scientists around the world. We strive to educate, foster ideas, and explore the latest scientific developments in and out of the lab.

    Meet The Team


    Ash Board PhD

    Director of Editorial

    Anna Macdonald

    Science Writer

    Laura Elizabeth Lansdowne

    Senior Science Writer

    Karen Steward PhD

    Science Writer

    Ruairi MacKenzie

    Science Writer

    Molly Campbell

    Science Writer

    Xandrina Allday

    Social Media Specialist

    Johannes Van Zijl

    Social Media Coordinator

    Tiffany Quinn

    Custom Content Manager

    Louise Conlin


    Rebecca Corkill PhD

    Scientific Content Creator


    Kelly Giles

    Sales Director

    Amber Turner

    Sales Manager

    Alice Codling

    Account Manager

    Robert Alderman

    Account Manager

    Greg Veness

    Delegate Sales Manager

    Jade Kee

    Events and Webinar Administrator

    Freya Bamford

    Webinar & Online Event Administrator

    Mark Hammond

    Senior Sales Administrator

    Taylor Marshall

    Sales Administrator

    Louisa Bolton

    Office Manager

    Amy Evans

    Campaign Manager

    Nikki Butcher

    Campaign Manager

    Chloe Barber

    Email Marketing Assistant

    Angus Oliver

    eMarketing Assistant

    Zoe Braybrook

    Marketing Assistant


    Andy Morris

    IT Director

    Matt Franklin

    Technical Project Manager

    James Constable

    IT Support

    Lucy Dunster

    Lead Front End Designer and Developer

    Thomas Morgan

    Web Developer

    Thomas Powles

    Junior Web Developer

    Published by:
    LabX Media Group
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    Midland, Ontario, Canada
    L4R 1K9
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